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SEREBRO Group held Dirty Dancing


Girls from the SEREBRO group confused spectators and participants of the "Improvisation" show on TNT. "Improvisation" - the only Russian TV project, where there is no scenario. Four comedians are making light of the most ridiculous situations. And the already difficult task will be more difficult ... because the guests of the project will be SEREBRO girl group. 

Photo: TNT

These beauties can stand the test. Olga Seryabkina, Darya Shashina and Paulina Favorskaja can and know how to improvise. For example, unexpectedly staging dirty dancing.

Photo: TNT

According to SEREBRO girls, they liked everything.

"Despite the fact that I love, without exception, all humorous shows on TNT, after participating in the "Improvisation" I can say that it is now the most favorite one. - said Olga Seryabkina. - It had me laughing tears, I really enjoyed taking part in this show! "


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