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Sergey Lazarev Shares First Photo of his son

The singer has shared the first picture of his son on Instagram. 

Sergey Lazarev Photo: @lazarevsergey Instagram Sergey Lazarev

Some time ago, the paparazzi managed to find out that Sergei Lazarev has a secret son - Nikita, that has been carefully hidden by the the singer for more than two years. There was no hint of the presence of a young child on actor' s microblo g. It seems that Sergey has been very pleased with this turn of events. But when it became known that the singer has become a dad he stopped hiding his son from his fans. 

Sergey Lazarev with his son Photo: @lazarevsergey Instagram Sergey Lazarev

The other day he shared the first joint photo on Instagram. However, the boy's face is hidden, only legs of Nikita are exposed. A few days ago the actor went on vacation. For security reasons, Lazarev tries not to disclose the exact holiday location, but admitted, this time he went to the ocean with a great company. The two-year Nikita flew with his famous dad.

Pictures of Sergey Lazarev's son Photo: @lazarevsergey Instagram Sergey Lazarev

A little while ago Lazarev showed fans the first pictures of his son. The singer received painted drawings of Nikita as a gift for the New YearMost fans are very excited about this change in the life of Lazarev and look forward to when he will show the baby's face.

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