Timati’s daughter already has a tattoo


Rap artist Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati, shared to his account a photo of 2 year old daughter with tattoos. Not all followers of the musician were delighted by this picture, many condemned his attitude to his daughter.

However, Timati explained that this is not a tattoo, a little girl trying on the longsliv with the installation on the sleeves in the form of a tattoo. On this topic subscribers developed debate whether to allow their children to decorate their bodies with drawings. "I will not dispute the choice of my daughter, if she wants to get a tattoo, and express herself in this way, on the contrary, I'm her only adviser. But before Alice's adulthood it can be no question ", – said Timati to his fans on the web.

It should be noted that the body of the rap artist is covered in more than a hundred tattoos. Timati carefully selects ornament and a tattoo-master that will make the tattoo. All the important events in the life of the rapper have reflected on his body.

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