VIDEO: Donald Trump became the protagonist of a new clip of Serebro band “My money”

The group has prepared a New Year gift to the fans.

Serebro band cheered their fans up: the girls presented a new video for the remake of My Money song from the album "Power of Three". 

"We are not preparing for the shooting of the clip over the last month or two, everything was spontaneous and fun, – says Olga Seryabkina. – Just wanted to create a festive Christmas mood, and believe me, we got it. What can be fun in the winter? But we do not agree that the cold – it is boring and sad. On the contrary, the winter – it's the New Year, people meet, make a wish, make plans. The intention was to convey We wanted to capture the ease of carelessness. "

Speaking of carelessness.

Photo: Press-service of "Silver"

"Money – it's not the main thing in life – continues Olga. – But it is – freedom and the possibility of any changes. As the main symbol of change in the past and coming year in our video will appear … Donald Trump! The new US president in the video – not a political promise. It was very unexpected, and so we want to say that in the new year all things will change for the better, even if such a surprise. It'll be fun! "

How to be fun, said the singer of the Serebro band Katya Kischuk.

"If you start to play the track My Money, you can not resist, and will dance, that's for sure – she says. – We have created a song and video with this spirit, and it will rub off on  you "!

Photo: Press-service of "Silver" band

Serebro band is sure: Track My Money was obliged to enter into the history of the group.

"I love this song, I think it is very cool, very funny, and certainly it is one hundred percent hit! – Said Pauline Favorskaja. – The video is not unlike any other, and I'm sure we will rock! ".

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