Under the official version, Russian singer Elena Temnikova left the "Serebro" band due to illness. However, the reason was different. Singer told frankly, why she left the band.

Recently it became known that the candidate from Russia on "Eurovision" 2017 Elena Temnikova left the "Serebro" band not due to health problems. It turned out that she did not like the new image of the group.

Elena Temnikova really has cardiovascular disease, but this is not the main reason for her departure of the "Serebro", which Maxim Fadeev produces. She did not like the new image of the group.

According to her, the members of the group strated dressing provocatively. Elena was so disgusted with order to behave in public more relaxed. The singer's disagreement with innovations led to the conflict, and she was forced to leave.

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