Singer Nyusha hit the red carpet in a revealing dress


On Saturday, Feb. 11 the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg hosted the annual concert of Big Love Show. The concert was attended by the main celebrities: Vera Brezhneva, Elena Temnikova, “VIA Gra”, Egor Kreed, M-Band, Bianca, and many others. But singer Nyusha commanded attention in a floor-length, off-the-shoulder dress as she posed for photos on the red carpet. The star chose a bright pink sequin dress with a very deep cut on her chest.

Fans were divided into two camps: some admired her dress, others said that the singer looked vulgar. “Nyu, you’re just the flame of passion. You’re one of the few women who can be sexy, passionate and still be cute and not vulgar. “Nyusha is very beautiful. I love the dress and hairstyle “,” Great dress !!! Incredibly suits you! “-  commented Nyusha’s loyal followers, who supported the choice of dress.

But those who did not appreciate the outfit of the actress, also rushed to comment on her appearance. “Nightmare! “” What a horror outfits each time getting worse … “,” Nyusha, I’m sorry, I’m not special in fashion, but the dress is not for you”, – wrote many subscribers.

By the way, Big Love Show was the first major social event, which she attended as a bride. Recall, 24 January beloved of Nyusha made her a proposal. Nyusha shared a picture of her engagement ring on Instagram with the caption: “I’m the Bride”.

Chosen of Nyusha is 36-year-old Igor Sivov that holds a senior position at the International University Sports Federation.