Singer Nyusha is going to get married

Just a few minutes ago 26-year-old Nyusha announced that she begins to prepare for the wedding.

"I'm the Bride" – shared the singer and showed an engagement ring.

Nyusha is happy in a relationship that lasted several months. Chosen of Nyusha became a 36-year-old officer in the field of sports Igor Sivov. Currently lovers live on three cities: Lausanne, where the headquarters of the organization, which employs singer's fiance, in Moscow and Kazan, where boyfriend of Nyusha came from.

Nyusha received the proposal during a holiday in Kenya. The singer said about it on her Instagram.

"This is how I fly on 13th Friday to Africa, to celebrate the Old New Year. Absolutely no idea how this trip will change my life ", – wrote Nyusha.

Previously, the pop star kept her personal life a secret, but now her heart is already taken. Nyusha writes on Instagram: "my love", "love is in the air", "One Love". And now it is time for a major change in the relationship of Nyusha and her lover.



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