Son of Sergey Lazarev has became the star of Instagram

The picture published by Sergey Lazarev on Instagram with hashtag "father and son", has clocked up a staggering 100 thousand 'likes'. This photo appeared on Instgaram of the popular actor on Christmas Eve. It shows two pairs of feet in the same shoe, apparently belonging to Sergey and his son – two-year Nikita, that has been carefully hidden for more than two years.

"Merry Christmas to all of you, my dear friends! Peace, goodness, happiness and love!" – Sergey wrote under the picture.

Sergey Lazarev son Photos published Sergey Lazarev

The fact of his fatherhood, that was a complete surprise to the public, Sergei Lazarev has not confirmed, so that this image can be considered as the first statement on this topic. The mother of the child is unknown. Also, the fans did not see the boy's face – we can only guess what he looks like.

Sergey Lazarev in childhood

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