“Star grows up”: Anna Khilkevich showed how sings her eldest daughter

The actress shared a video with her daughter Arianna.

Anna Khilkevich on new year’s eve flew with her daughters in Thailand. From there, the actress shared with fans a cute video in which her 3-year-old daughter Arianna sings the children’s song “the forest raised a Christmas tree”. The little girl without hesitation and fear of singing into a microphone and not shy of attention.

— signed photo of Anna.

In comments followers Actresses are touched by the speech of her daughter. “The future asterisk is growing up”; “the Sweetness!”; “Sweetie!”; “What a little sweetie. Cool, thanks for the mood”; “What a miracle!”; “So cool! Kept very cool with the microphone!! A future star!”; “So sweet!” — writing fans Khilkevich.

We will remind, that Anna Khilkevich in 2015, a married businessman. In the same year, the actress gave birth to a daughter Arianna, and in August of 2018, the couple had a second daughter, Maria.

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Text: Victoria Razumov