Star of Russian fashion Igor Chapurin in Gay Scandal

A gay scandal involving Russian Costume Designer has hit Internet.

It was reported that the designer Igor Chapurin, who dressed Russian First Ladies, got into a love triangle. Earlier, the ubiquitous reporters unveiled boyfriend of Chapurin. The network leaked photos of his passionate kiss with handsome brunette in the pool. According to media reports, 48-year-old chosen of Chapurin became a 39-year-old gallery owner Edward Bagrationi – known person in secular circles. The couple recently had a rest by the ocean. There, in a corner of paradise, a couple made a romantic photo on memory.

Journalists contacted the designer's boyfriend and learned how the Internet got the provocative photos. According to Edward, intimate picture were stolen from him by a young man who pursues him for a long time. Alan Karimov persistently and unsuccessfully sought attention of gallerist. He even сracked his mail and stole personal photos, on which Edward is captured in the arms of Chapurin.

"Alan stole photos from my e-mail boxComplained gallerist. I reported several times the incident at a different police station, criminal proceedings were instituted. He does not have the right to appear on the territory of Russia, otherwise he would be arrested. "

According to Edward, the young man could not face the failure and thus revenge. Karimov managed to annoy Bagrationi because Chapurin was trying to keep his personal life under lock. "His goal was to get my attention, he wrote that he loves me. Igor Chapurin is aware of the whole story and not very happy with it as well as I do. He prefers to hide our relationship"."I know that Edward Bagrationi engaged in antiques, – told the well-known PR-specialist Ivan Irbis -. Before Igor he had a relationship with a young man from Berlin, but for some reason they broke up, I do not know."

According to information from open sources, Chapurin became famous for dressing first ladies of Russia – Lyudmila Putina and Svetlana Medvedeva. He graduated from the Vitebsk Technological College with a degree in "designer of women's clothing." Designer Igor began his career in 1992, winning the contest of young fashion company Nina Ricci, where he represented Russia. Three years later, the author presented his first collection of haute couture.

Later Chapurin worked on the costumes of "Miss Russia-95", developed a style for hoster of "Muzoboz" Ivan Demidov, a leading television show "Yum" Tatyana Lazareva and People's Artist of Russia Alla Demidova. Twice awarded the "Golden Mannequin" Award (1999 and 2003).