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The actress and model Lily-Rose won our hearts with acting talent inherited from her father Johnny Depp, and angelic beauty, inherited from her mother Vanessa Paradis. This year she has pleased us with the premiere of the movie "Yoga Hosers" and a contract with the fashion house Chanel, and also starred in the role of Isadora Duncan in a stunning film "Dancer" on the famous ballerina. The other day in Los Angeles was the premiere of another movie with Lily-Rose Depp – "Planetarium". The action drama is set in Paris, 30s, and the heroine of Lily-Rose Depp, Laura – coming American, that everubody fall in love with. As long as you dream about Parisian dresses of stunning Laura, we collected real images of Lily-Rose, by the way, no less stunning.


The daughter of a French beauty Vanessa Paradis, is born with a sophisticated Parisian chic. She looks stunning in the cocktail dresses. Notice that Lily-Rose prefers monochrome outfits: white, gray, black. This is justified: Depp's appearance itself is so bright that it does not need an additional color accents

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The basis of this everyday wardrobe are leggings, sports shoes (mainly shoes), sweatshirts and hoodies. Lily-Rose opts for a ponytail or bun, and her face is hidden under the huge sunglasses. But she can't seriously expect that paparazzi won't recognize her. Her disguises won't fool anyone. Her famous cheekbones are unmistakable!

Lily-Rose Depp Photo:

Lily-Rose always posts something on Twitter and Instagram, she has attracted 2.2 million followers. Not bad for a 17-year-old girl.

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