Suddenly: DNA Test Reveals Nikolay Valuev and Andrey Malakhov are Brothers


Boxer and showman were revealed on national television's Elena Malysheva "Health" Show to be relatives after taking a DNA test. Leading of the "Let Them Talk" talk show Andrey Malakhov and a Russian heavyweight boxer Nikolay Valuev are second cousins ​​on the paternal side.

The men were shocked by such a genetic discovery, but admitted their relationship, hugged, and even made a joint selfie. A little later Malakhov shared the emotions on Instagram:

"For those who missed the "Health" program with Elena Malysheva, here's the summary: 2 months ago she took a DNA sample from the famous people to determine their ancestry. Inviting us to the program, Elena announced sensational news: @nickvaluev is my cousin on my father's side. Our chromosomes are the same! I do not know where the relatives of the father "dripped their DNA", but next to such brother I feel comfortable! "- Wrote the broadcaster.

Following the newfound brother spoke Nikolay Valuev:

"Genetic prank on the "Health" program, where it became clear that Andrei Malakhov and I are second cousins ​​on the Turkish line. So we are Chingiz Khan's, and sultans. No wonder I was on the list of best Russian Tatars, apparently. Oh, now I understand what my grandmother wanted to keep silent. Now let them talk".

By the way, a couple of months ago, TV host took to research the genetic material of other famous people: Mikhail Boyarsky and Arcady Ukupnik. So, probably, the audience of the "Health" program is waiting for new discoveries.