Tasaki exclusive new collection


One of Asia’s biggest jewelry brands, Tasaki is arriving in Europe with a shop at the Ritz and an exclusive new collection.

KNOWN FOR its classical style, Tasaki has been a pillar of the Japanese jewelry market since 1954. Still, despite maintaining peerless quality and total control over production—cutting its own stones and culturing its own Akoya pearls—the brand’s reputation had never really spread beyond Asia. Then, in 2009, the house took what seemed like a wild gamble by hiring a creative director from the fashion world: the Thai-born, New York-based designer Thakoon Panichgul, a protégé of Anna Wintour’s who had been heading his own label since 2004. He adopted a fresh approach, releasing a complete new line each year. With names like “Balance,” “Refi ned Rebellion” and “Danger,” his collections appealed to a younger, more international clientele.

In Paris, after a space at the Bon Marché in 2014 and a pop-up shop this year at Galeries Lafayette (until June 25), Tasaki is opening its fi rst permanent boutique at the newly renovated Ritz. And one fi rst deserves another: in July the brand will present a fi ne jewelry collection during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusivity for the Ritz, with the fi tting title of “A Legend.” The meeting of two worlds and two success stories. And a new legend in the making. 

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