The former husband of Janet Jackson says that they have a secret daughter


Soon 50-year-old Janet Jackson will become a mother, it will be her first child, but her ex-husband claims the opposite. James Debarzh said that he and Janet has a common child, which they hid.

Revelation has occurred on the air of talk show. The daughter of the man asked frank questions and get a shocking answer. The man admitted that he and Janet has a child, but she hides it even from a former spouse.

According to James, he tired to hide certain facts of his life, and that he only recently found out, that he has a daughter, and was very shocked.

The famous singer did not to comment on the matter, so that fans can only wonder if this is true or not.

In May 2016 Janet Jackson told the audience that awaits her first child from this wife Wissam Al Mana.