The girl from Novosibirsk struck by the similarity with Angelina Jolie


Members of social networks "VKontakte" actively discussing the girl from Novosibirsk, who impresses the public with resemblance to Angelina Jolie. At this time, Anastasia has published a photo with a small child.

Anastasia is not worried by the publicity surrounding her, but notes that some of the features of the face and figure of her and Hollywood actress identical. Anastasia attracted more than four thousand followers.

She recalled that she was compared to Angelina Jolie in the sixth grade. Anastasia's classmate brought a printed still image from the movie about Lara Croft and said that she was very similar to her.

She knew about Angelina's divorce, but she was quite philosophical about it: "Of course, this pair has been one of the most prominent, example for all. But things don't always go as you expect them to".

She did not even think about Brad Pitt, because the heart of the girl has long been taken. There are those who absolutely do not see the similarities between the two girls. Followers note that Anastasia is difficult to call a "copy" of the Hollywood celebrity.