The most beautiful girl in the world Thylane Blondeau: what she looks like now?

5 years ago French model named Thylane Blondeau has earned the title of most beautiful girl in the world. But she grew up and has become more beautiful.

It turns out that Vogue has had to fight for the right to take pictures of the baby, because it is no secret that the use of children as models is something pretty serious.

This little beauty has been destined for glory from the cradle.

Her father – a soccer player Patrick Blondeau, and her mother – actress and TV presenter Veronika Loubry.

Girl got incredibly lucky genes. Both parents – just beautiful!

It is not surprising at all that the girl has grown so adorable. 

Actually, that's how a child, who 5 years ago was called th e most beautiful in the world,  looks now.

Thylane Blondeau was very little when she went to modeling agency.

At the age of 4 she hit the runway for Jean-Paul Gaultier's show.



In 2011, when she starred in a rather candid photoshoot for Vogue magazine, a scandal broke out. Everyone wanted to know the answer: is it possible to show the child in such way?

Here's how Thylane's mom responded to outrage by the public:

"The only thing that surprised me it's that Thylane was wearing necklace worth 3 million euros. Believe me, she has a great life. Everything that you see in the picture – this is just an image created by a couple of experts for individual photos. It's not like she actually lives! "

In 2014 senators banned children's beauty contests. By this time, Thylane has grown.

She admits:

"I love my job. I'm madly in love meeting new stylists, make-up, trying on new clothes! "

Recently, she starred in French director's movie "Belle and Sebastian: The Adventure Continues."

In October 2016 Tila has participated in shows at Fashion Week in Paris. She even had to cooperate with the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Depp.

April 5, 2017 Thylane Blondeau turns 16 years old. Looking at her pictures, you will not say that she is so young.

Despite the controversy, Thylane Blondeau has a head on her shoulders, she leads a healthy lifestyle, just enjoys her work.