Arrived in the regiment: the son of Naomi Watts first came out in a dress

The new generation of children no longer knows what gender stereotypes are. Wearing dresses if you’re a boy, cutting your hair short, if you’re a girl is commonplace. PHOTO: GETTYIMAGES.COM, LEGION-MEDIA.RU, SPLASHNEWS / GALLO IMAGES RUS

On the eve of the actress Naomi Watts was captured in New York for a walk with his youngest son Samuel. The paparazzi’s attention was drawn to the fact that a 10-year-old boy was dressed in a plaid dress and a pink shirt. Naomi carried a pink down jacket in her hands, which obviously belonged to Sammy.


Naomi chose a sweater with the inscription Peace and love for a walk. Apparently, Watts is not against his son’s experiments with style. In addition, the boy had previously chosen pink bags and denim skirts, which were considered traditionally female, and also came to Comic Con arm in arm with his father Liv Schreiber in a Harley Quinn costume.

Recall that in October last year it became known that the son of Charlize Theron asks to turn to him with a female pronoun. Prior to this, Angelina Jolie said that her daughter Shiloh likes to dress like a boy.

Naomi Watts with sons Alexander and Samuel and their girlfriend

Samuel with father Liv Schreiber