The wife of oligarch Lebedev, Elena Perminova allowed her little daughter to wear makeup

Elena Perminova Photography: Social Networks

The subject of the dispute was the video shared to "instagram", in which Elena Perminova is seen putting lipstick on lips of her little daughter. More than 250 thousand readers 30-year-old Elena Perminova in which model putting lipstick on her year-old daughter Arina. Video has caused a flurry of criticism among her followers. Elena has been criticized for the picture of her daughter wearing lipstick. This fact has confused many Elena's followers, according to them, the two-year girl is too young to be wearing all that makeupFlood of negative comments forced the wife of Russian oligarch Lebedev to disable commenting feature. Some fans said that the baby was not too pleased  with mother's experiments .

"Model Perminova puts lipstick on lips of two year-old girl, although her daughter shakes her head", – the British newspaper commentators write. Nevertheless, the model shared the video with the caption: "Arisha's favorite thing."