Tom Hiddleston told the truth about the relationship with Taylor Swift


 It turns out, Hiddlsvift is not a PR! Last year, when Tom and Tay started dating, fans reacted ambiguously to such an unexpected affair. It was rumored that the photographers who accidentally caught lovers, kissing on the beach, were hired specially. Many believed that it was all done for the sake of PR. This couple was too sweet! And the affair itself did not last long – they started dating in June and broke up in September. But now Tom finally revealed the truth. In an interview with GQ actor told why their romance with Swift ended – they both want a stable peaceful relations, but their love did not survive the constant discussions in the media:

"Of course, it was real. You have to fight for love. You can not live in fear, worrying that people might say. You just have to be honest with yourself. "

Tom also spoke about the T-shirt with «I love T.S.», which haunted the fans. Recall the actor was wearing it during a joint holiday with Tay at US Independence Day. It turns out, the actor simply got sunburned and asked friends of Tay to give him a T-shirt, and they gave him exactly this:

"We all had a good laugh. It was a joke".

Tom really did not understand why his relationship with Tay attracted much attention:

" I was just amazed at how much attention it attracted ".

Hiddleston also made a few compliments to his ex-girlfriend:

"Taylor is an amazing woman. She is generous, kind and sweet, and we were very good together. Of course, it was sincere. "

Tei, you hear? Maybe you will "fight for love," as Tom?




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