“Twin Peaks”: The images of Audrey Horne


The return of the cult TV series

The release date of the new season, which will be the third, has finally became known. Mystical TV show of David Lynch is scheduled for May 21 – it will include 18 episodes, but as lead actors we see Monica Bellucci, Tim Roth, David Duchovny and Naomi Watts.

Before the long-awaited premiere we really still have time to review the previous episodes. What have we done in the New Year holidays and inspired, recalled one of the most prominent characters of the series – Audrey Horne, played by actress Sherilyn Fenn. By the way, she also can be seen in the third season.

Images of Audrey are very sexy, but without the excessive vulgarity – to match the pupil. Her favorite combination – a mandatory pencil skirt to the knee with a turtleneck sweater or shortened. For special meetings – a model with a frill. A minimum of accessories – suitable clock on a thin strap or rings.

A special place in the wardrobe of Audrey occupy shirt – in a cage or with a simple unobtrusive design. She wears them with the same tight-fitting skirts that accentuate her very attractive silhouette.

Horn was open to more daring outfits, but the emphasis is always on something one: a deep cut on the back or sleeves made of black mesh, which are not allowed to see anything extra, but effectively hint at what is hidden.

Get inspired by the restrained sexuality of the heroine with us and get dressed in the spirit of the nineties. All the necessary things in our collection.