Vera Brezhneva told about her fees at New Year corporate party


One of the former singers of the "Via Gra" pop group, Vera Brezhneva can delight guests at a New Year corporate party with her beautiful musical compositions, but it will cost not exactly cheap.

Brezhneva estimated her performance almost at 1 million hryvnia. This rate was quite high. Many stars of popular music will ask much lower cost for New Year party. Since the New Year period is a special time for all famous personalities of show business, they will be in demand on the festive lights, parties and corporate events.

Even though there are many famous artists out there, only a few of them (such as Ivan Urgant, Ksenia Sobchak, Vera Brezhneva), are highly in demand.  After all, any festive  – Christmas or New Year event without musical accompaniment would be unthinkable