Victoria Bonya reveals she feels fat

After parting with Alex Smurfit, Victoria Bonya's life changed abruptly: she is ready for a new love, travels the world and parties with celebrities. However, the changes have affected not only privacy, but also the appearance of Victoria: 37-year-old Russian beauty admitted that she gained weight. She kept trying to wear her old clothes but they were just a little too tight

"Yesterday I was wearing a dress, which I bought when I was thinner … It turns out that even I can look plump. I went to working on my abc", – wrote Bonya on Instagram".

We are talking about pictures from Elton John's Oscar party, where Victoria appeared in a floor-length white dress. Photos from the party shared to Instagram, drew strong reaction from Bonya's fans: some fans said that Bonya noticeably put on weight, while others claimed that their idol looks beautiful at any weight.

However, some media reports have linked Victoria's weight gain and her break-up with Alex Smurfit. It turned out, not so long ago Bonya experimented with the diet, which is why she was very thin, and now she is trying to get into shape.


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