VIDEO: hockey player Alexander Ovechkin became romantic after the wedding

It seems that the recent wedding of a hockey player Alexander Ovechkin affected his personality. Or, perhaps, the athlete simply ceased to hide the delicate side of his soul. The other day wife of Ovechkin – Anastasia Shubskaya posted a video in which the nearly six-foot hockey player skates, holding his beloved's hand. The record became very popular on the web. "What a lovely couple! They can watch forever! "- Commented users.

Incidentally, a few days earlier was Anastasia's birthday. Shubskaya turned 23 years and she received a tender declaration of love from Alexander, who has not been so generous in public. "Happy birthday to you my darling! I love you very much! You give me happiness, a smile, a sea of ​​emotions! I want you to stay in the same light, kind and wonderful person! I admire you, my! "- Wrote Ovechkin.