Cristiano Ronaldo commented on the wedding to Georgina Rodriguez

Криштиану Роналду прокомментировал свадьбу с Джорджиной Родригес Star pair Cristiano Ronaldo commented on the wedding to Georgina Rodriguez

Recent posts about the wedding Cristiano and his lover appear in the press more often than the ball of foot forward flies into the net. In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport the striker of Juventus decided to answer the question that plagues all for a long time: when is the wedding?

For the first time on the wedding Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez talking during the world Cup, when Georgina arrived in Moscow to support favourite and showed a new ring. But then Ms. Rodriguez said that it is time to think about the guest list, the dress and the veil. After a romantic trip to London, in November, the Portuguese press has again reported that Cristiano has matured (now for sure!) and he proposed to the mother of his daughter. However, neither Georgina nor the player himself, the news did not comment. However, at the first opportunity reporters asked players what will make it most – the relationship with Georgina or a hat-trick in the Champions League.

Wedding? Don’t know when it will happen, but right now she’s not part of my plans,– said Cristiano.

Джорджина в МосквеGeorgina in Moscow

Криштиану и Джорджина с детьми Cristiano and Georgina with children In thought about the imminent occasion in the family, real Madrid, and in Portugal, journalists, prompted by the fact that player several times seen at the entrance to one of the churches of Turin. This argument Ronaldo also found the answer.

I am Catholic and go to Church every week. It has always been! I ask nothing of God I have everything. Just thank God for what he gives me and protects my family.

Криштиану и Джорджина на отдыхеCristiano and Georgina on otdyhayuschim, for the first time about the affair Ronaldo and Rodriguez began in December of 2016, when a couple noticed during the football match real Madrid against Deportivo. They later appeared together in one of the fashionable salons of Madrid and Disneyland Paris. In late spring there were rumors about pregnant Georgina, who later confirmed the Ronaldo and photos of the paparazzi. In early August of last year, the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported that the couple is expecting a girl. 12 Nov Cristiano Ronaldo became a father for the fourth time. Georgina Rodriguez gave him a daughter, the baby received the name of Alan Martin as planned.

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