“Dancing Millionaire” said, why still not married

"Dancing Millionaire" Gianluca Vacca visited Moscow. He was invited to the popular Russian talk show "Let Them Talk," which leads Andrey Malakhov. The Italian has shared information about his personal life and told why he is still not married.

Millionaire in the studio told about the shocking facts of his personal life. It turned out that 49-year-old Italian is living under the same roof with two women. Young blond Raffaella – ex-girlfriend, a brunette who often appears in the video and dance with Vacca, is his close friend and current girlfriend Georgie.

According to Gianluca Vacca, he was engaged to Rafaella, but the wedding never took place and the couple parted. Despite this, the former lovers communicate well, and recently blonde moved to his house. 

Georgia – the current darling of the man, but Italian is not in a hurry to marry her, and have children, too. With regard to cohabitation with a former girlfriend Gianluca, she does not mind. 

Italian millionaire has admitted that he is not ready for a serious relationship in his 49 years. He believes that he needs a special girl who will be with him on the same wavelength. Guests of the program were wondering if Georgia and Raffaella could live under the same roof when the couple would have children?

Vacca told that he was afraid of old age. Despite his age, he regularly trains, sits on a diet and hosts lavish parties at home and on his yacht. According to him, it helps to be young and carefree.

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