Eva Longoria told Ivan Urgant about her wedding

41-year-old Eva Longoria arrived in Moscow to present a new cosmetic product, at the same time the actress visited the show of Ivan Urgant. The star of "Desperate Housewives" spoke about her wedding, friendship with Ricky Martin and Victoria Beckham, and that if she has something in common with the heroine of the acclaimed series. May 21 this year, Eva Longoria got married for the third time. The actress recalled on the air how it was. It turned out, the wedding was held in Mexico. Among the invited guests was Ricky Martin, a longtime friend of Longoria and Victoria Beckham, who sewed Eva's wedding dress.

"Viki – an incredible designer. I wanted her to become a designer of my wedding dress. She prepared me all day. And then I changed the dress but Viki continued to take care of me because I was a little drunk", – Confessed the actress.

According to Longoria for Mexican wedding guests prefer tequila. In the morning, the actress even made a photo of empty bottles that filled half the room.

Eva also said that does not feel like a character from "Desperate Housewives:

"I hope we do not have anything in common. She is daffodil, pretty selfish and sleeping with the gardener", – Joked the actress.

Have you watched "Desperate Housewives"? Who's your favorite character?

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