Leningrad band leader Sergey Shnurov showed off the fourth wife, Olga


She is a graduate of Moscow state University and the daughter of a businessman from Yekaterinburg

Sergey Shnurov in the usual style replied to the rumors about the next wedding, published in poetry and Instagram photos. The frame is made on the English embankment in St. Petersburg (there is a registry office). The artist hugs a girl sitting on the granite half-turned, so that can not see the face. Accompany photo inspirational verse: “lo and Behold, again is no longer idle”.

Сергей Шнуров показал четвёртую жену ОльгуPhoto: instagram.com/shnurovs

Petersburgers believe that this 27-year-old Olga Abramova – with her Cord has already appeared at social events as “a poet Varvara”. Abramova, daughter of the Ekaterinburg businessman, a graduate of Moscow state University. She had to live in the UK, where he studied art history, but returned to Moscow – according to rumors, with the intention “out into the light.” And, she seems to be on the right track. Judging by the videos from events, appearing in the light, with Shnurov, the girl was drunk (no wonder he wrote about the “third one”).

Saw a couple at the registry office on the promenade des Anglais Cords with the bride approached the middle of the day, went through the back door, turning the marriage quickly and without ceremony. Apparently, the couple had to sign before or after the concert “Leningrad Zenit” gathered at the new St. Petersburg stadium record 65 thousand spectators. In the accounts closest friends Cord – Alexander and Lydia Nevzorovs – no photo, no video of wedding, or any congratulations. Nevzorova was very friendly with Shnurov during the eight years of marriage with Matilda: family even met together last New year.

In may of this year Matilda and Sergei Shnurov announced the intention to divorce, the final marriage ended 15 August. After that, Cords allegedly went on a Bender: he was seen with Ksenia Kostrovsky (Instagram girl also appeared delicate photo with a Cord), with former girlfriend Oksana Akinshina. After her divorce from Matilda Cords removed all the old photos from the social network.

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