The wedding of the king of Malaysia Sultan of Kelantan and Oksana Voevodina in Barvicha

Wife of the Malaysian monarch was the “Miss Moscow-2015” Oksana Vojvodina. The solemn ceremony of Russian beauties and Muhammad V of Kelantan the Sultan was held in Barvicha a few days ago.

Before marriage she had to change the name and accept Islam. Get used to the local traditions, which act in the homeland of her husband, she began even before the marriage. In particular, the bride of the king of Malaysia was to wear the hijab and long dresses that fully cover feet.

However, for wedding she dressed in elegant dress, made in the European tradition. The outfit was adorned with goodly stones and had a wide neckline. The groom dressed in national costume. However, menu festive table is fully consistent with local requirements, including no alcohol and pork.

Despite marriage to the king of Malaysia, the title of Queen she laid. For this the bride needs to be a local native.

The circumstances under which the couple met and how they developed their relationship before marriage, unknown. Earlier МухаммадаV of Kelantan Sultan was already married. His marriage lasted 4 years and broke up in 2008. On the throne he ascended in 2016, where they will stay until 2021. Then the country will elect a new king.

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