Wedding dessert of Donald and Melania trump put up for auction, but no demand

Свадебный десерт Дональда и Мелании Трамп выставлен на аукцион, но не пользуется спросом Celebrity news Wedding dessert Donald and Melania trump put up for auction, but no demand

The expectations of employees of RR Auctions is not justified – they hoped to snatch a tasty morsel worth much more.

Donald and Melania trump got married in 2005, but still the desserts with their wedding table be lots at various auctions. Recently, another tender was offered chocolate truffle torte, one future US President and first lady gave their guests. It is a miniature version of the main wedding cake couples, who weighed 90 kg and was worth 50 thousand dollars. The lot will be Packed in white box with gold letters D, M and T, and despite the fact that the photo shows brown spots, the description says “box is in excellent condition”.

Representatives of RR Auctions said they expected to get from this lot is not less but even more than 1500 dollars, however, while for dessert a 15-year-old coveted only four buyers and the price is not very different from the starting – $ 267, and it was $ 200.

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