Папуз-гейт: кто и почему обвинил Дэниела Крейга в отсутствии мужественности

The actor was accused of low masculinity, but there were those who defended the bond.

Blame the sling, in which Craig was carrying a daughter during a walk. This device, often called in the UK “papoose” (a reference to the shoulder bags of the natives, in which they carry their children), allows you to free your hands when you move with the child. However, some ardent supporters of gender roles and the “papoose” is not recognized and is considered shameful for a man to walk like a kangaroo. This adept of masculinity was a British TV presenter Piers Morgan, who is known as the initiator of various scandals with celebrities. In his Twitter Morgan posted a picture of Daniel Craig with the words “007… you too?!!!”

Дэниел Крейг с дочкой

Daniel Craig on a walk with daughter

Пирс Морган

Piers Morgan

Дэниел Крейг

A message from Twitter of Piers Morgan

“The real bond himself would carry his child in her arms, not used to this unmanly papoose,” explained Morgan the indignation of the members. However, in his opinion, very few people agreed. “Replay” Pierce’s Twitter was flooded with pictures of men who are not shy to wear their children in slings. Among them was the American fighter on the mixed single combats – UFC – Alex Volkanovski, who posted picture with his daughter with the caption:

Neutered UFC fighter on the way to Thailand. Spent the whole workout with my daughter in the “papoose”, she managed to stay unharmed.

Алекс Волкановский

A message from Twitter Alex Volkanovski

Morgan immediately replied, “For fighters willing to make an exception – for your own safety.” In the end, to the aid of James bond came another fictional character – Captain America. Actor Chris Evans responded to Piers Morgan user friendly and tougher all:

Only truly confident of their manhood people be worried about how another man wears his child. Any man who talks about masculinity in this way, is terrified.

Крис Эванс

Chris Evans

However, even after this rebuke piers Morgan is not giving up and trying to hold accountable on this issue, the American President Donald trump. And while he is busy, fellow TV presenter gave another succinct response to his outrage at the show Good Morning Britain, which is leading Morgan. This morning is on the air guest of this program with the words “This is for you from the fathers, who use slings. It seems that the question of fathers and children exhausted.

Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Orlando bloom and other “papoose”- fathers.

Брэдли Купер и Ирина Шейк

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk on a walk with their daughter