Wife of Alexander Kerzhakov expects a child

The family of famous Russian player Alexander Kerzhakov is growing. His wife is about to have her first child.

For the first time a pregnancy rumours of the wife of athlete – Milana circled back in 2015, but she denied this information. This time it's more than a rumor. Pregnancy of Milana Kerzhakova became apparent at the charity event in St. Petersburg in early December. Milana had chosen a white dress, which emphasized her baby bump.

Confirmation of his wife's pregnancy appeared only a few days after the charity evening. Kerzhakov spouses gave a frank interview in which Milana admitted that they were expecting a baby.

Recall that Alexander Kerzhakov already has two children from a previous relationship – daughter Daria and son Igor. For 23-year-old Milana their joint child becomes the first.