“Yes, your husband’s only in it for the money”: Anna Khilkevich said Hayter in a parody video

32-year-old actress, which regularly criticize the followers, published a video in which he ridiculed my haters.

Stars are often faced with the fact that many followers do not only write nice comments, but many of them criticize. Anna Khilkevich is often written in Instagram that she is not a perfect husband, problems with appearance and it places little emphasis on children. The actress filmed a video in which he addresses the major attacks of the haters.

“As having read all, so take your camera and start to shoot… Not only do I have to lose. Like, if you also know how to turn minuses into pluses. To be continued”, signed Anna video. Followers appreciated the sense of humor of the actress and advised her not to pay attention to evil people. Recall that three years the actress is married to businessman Arthur Volkov. The couple raise their two daughters, two-year and three-month Arianna Mary.

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