A candid interview with Fedor Smolov: about his personal life, the failure of the 2018 world Cup and Kokorin and Mamaev

Today, the network appeared the first issue of the new YouTube show Ksenia Sobchak (37) “Beware Sobchak!”, under which the broadcaster will interview the stars of Russian show-business. Her first character was a football player Fedor Smolov (28).

Sobchak has met the athlete immediately after training and gave him a ride in the road and began to ask him questions. For example, Smolov said that he was going to watch tonight Thriller Lars von Trier’s “the House that Jack built” and shared with Ksenia that he likes the creativity of the film, especially both parts of “Nymphomaniac” and the drama “Dogville”. And here’s what he said Sobchak: “Tell me how the same person can like Lars von Trier film “Dogville” and Victoria Lopyreva?”. Fedor, however, is not the answer and just laughed.

We will remind, in 2015 Smolov divorced Victoria and lopyrevoy (35) after three years of relationship. According to the model, the football player “was not ready for family life.” Then Fedor said that the relationship with Vika interfered with his career, and in an interview with Sobchak he confirmed: “At some point I started to realize that it really bothers, because it public person and her lifestyle meant constant appearances, which is contrary to the regime of the sportsman of professional football. But it is also an experience. It’s a beautiful story, which I can’t say that I’m proud of, but I’m glad it was the place to be.”

And Smolov apologized to the audience for a bad penalty in the match of Russia against Croatia in world Cup 2018: “I was simply insecure in their abilities. Forgive me, all the football for the kick. To justify strongly won’t — my fault. But I will emphasize that my way of punching was not a banal attempt to “draw”. I just didn’t know exactly where you have to beat. I was unsure of himself and confused. If you could stop shaking in the knees and normal to deal with the technical part of the shot, a goal the Croats would have been inevitable.”

In the show, the athlete commented on another controversial case of his career: an accident in which he was in the summer of 2018 in Krasnodar, and fled the scene. According to Fyodor, he did it because of expired rights: “in the Morning the next day after the incident I called my lawyer and went to resolve this issue.”

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The forward of Russian national team and FC “Krasnodar” CSKA Moscow of being behind the wheel of cars for 9mn, had an accident on the night of 1 August in the capital of Krasnodar region. The player was driving the BMW M5 First Edition, which usually goes to his girlfriend. In the operational services of Krasnodar reported that the accident occurred on the Stavropol street of Krasnodar. As a result of road accident nobody suffered. Judging by the photos in social networks, serious damage was caused to the luxury vehicle player. Edition BMW M5 in the version of the First Edition was limited to 400 copies and the price of car in the minimum configuration starts from 8 990 000 rubles. Source: Sports.ru #typeonegative #Smolov #smolovic #decrassage #opcrated #crash #accident #Fedorov

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And that’s what pitch said about his colleagues Pavel Mamayev (30) and Alexander Kokorin (27), which, recall, are now serving sentences in jail on the case about the beating: “They are guilty and should be punished. One hundred percent, despite the friendship. But I think the punishment is unreasonable and cruel to him. No need to arrange a demonstration spanking. If it wasn’t for the names Kokorin, Mamaev and Paka, the punishment would be different. The guys caught at the same time and showed that with the powers that be trifled with”.

Record a Candid interview with Fedor Smolov: about his personal life, the failure of the 2018 world Cup and Kokorin and Mamaev

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