How to overcome laziness: tips from four professional athletes


With the onset of the cold season, our vigor and enthusiasm somewhere evaporate. If instead of an evening workout you increasingly want to bundle up with a blanket and watch soap operas, you know – you’re not alone. Autumn lazy visits and professional athletes, and that’s how they fight it.

Jan Belomoina

European champion in mountain bike cross-country 2017 to rock, four-time winner of world Championships, multiple winner of the world Cup.

Remember your target

Cyclist said it best in the fight against laziness helps the desire to reach the heights and a constant reminder of your own order. Besides, overcoming laziness helps us understand how much we actually strive for something.

Olga Harlan

Olympic champion 2008 in the team championship, bronze medalist of the Olympics 2012 that 2016, a five-time world champion , seven-time European champion.

Find people who motivate you

“My parents, grandmother and sister is my biggest incentive. I always feel their support,” says Olga.
Olympic gold in Tokyo is that spurs Olga and helps every day to Wake up early and go to practice. “Vadim Markovich Gutzeit is one of my coaches, which is for me a great inspiration. And even my family. They are already resigned to the fact that I constantly strive to win, so I no longer even offer me to rest.”

Oleksandr Hrynchuk

Pilot, three-time champion of Ukraine drifting, recognized as the most successful in its category.

Appreciate their own work

“I consider myself a lazy person, and I don’t really like. But as soon as I get rid of this idea, it will cease to fight your own laziness,” says Oleksandr.

Vitaly Muha

Three-time champion of the Cup of Kiev cybersport represent Ukraine at a professional world cybercorner and was a participant of the world championship 2016 rock in Paris.

Plan and do the first step

Vitaly Mukha considers himself easy going and not notice a manifestation of laziness. This contributes to the fact that he is engaged in favourite business, which brings him pleasure. “If you know about their plans for the day much easier to cope with everything, not putting off later.”


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