Kasparaitis: Ovechkin so much hitout, because not thinking about status

The Olympic champion, the famous defender Darius Kasparaitis shared his thoughts on the power struggle in the modern NHL.

“Watch a lot of matches. And see how often players go head down. And the defenders not even trying to play the body. Here’s the main change. But I think that hits the most important part of hockey. If you know how to do power moves, frighten opponents. These players are almost gone, although the look on Tom Wilson of Washington. It was afraid, because I don’t know what to expect from him.

It was very nice to do for the match seven or eight hits. But if only one power reception, then after the game itself, scolded: “Yes, Darius, you were not in his repertoire”. Every player has his own stats, which he is proud.

Why so many hits makes Alexander Ovechkin is the best sniper of the NHL in the twenty-first century? And he does not even think about their status. Plays in the powerful style because it is able to do it. This innate quality is the same as scoring goals or giving away clever passes. If you get pleasure from the hits, why give up? Yeah and the fans like now Ovechkin caught on the power reception of the captain of the “Florida” by Alexander Barkov. This is a cool hockey is emotion. From this buzz everyone, including Ovechkin and even Kasparaitis on the podium” — quoted Ovechkin official NHL website.

Two hard power reception Ovechkin! Florida requires disqualification of the Captain “Washington” demolished Barkov and Pisica.

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