Revelation player: why Cristiano Ronaldo left the “real Madrid”?

In July this year, confirmed long-standing rumors about the transition Cristiano Ronaldo (33) of the “real Madrid” “Juventus”: the player has paid 100 million euros compensation, and the salary increased by 9 million euros per year (now he gets 30 million).

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“I believe that the time has come to begin a new phase in my life, so I asked the club to let me go. I feel that this is the right step, and I ask everyone, especially the fans of real Madrid, to understand me,” said Ronaldo in his farewell message.

And now in an interview with French magazine France Football Cristiano shared that he has decided to leave the club for which he played, among other things, for almost 10 years, because of the attitude in the team. “I felt that the club, especially coming from the President, has not treated me as before, in the first five years. The President looked at me as if to them I was no longer irreplaceable. It made me think about leaving. Seen in the press they said that I asked about leaving, but I have the impression that the President wants to keep me. If it was about the money, I’d move to China and earned five times more than Juventus or Real Madrid. But I moved to the “Juventus” not because of the money. In Madrid I was earning as much, if not more. The difference is that Juventus really wanted me. They showed it on the case,” he said.


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