The freedom to be seen: Kokorin and Mamaev arrest extended

The court left under arrest of the attacker “Zenit” Alexander Kokorin and midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev.

According to the publication Championat, the court rejected the appeals of the players on the extension of arrest for two months. Friends will remain in jail “Butyrka” until February 8, the same fate awaits his younger brother Kirill Kokorin, as well as a friend of sportsmen Alexander Pratasavickaja.

Alexander Kokorin

Four young men this fall staged two fights in the center of Moscow, injuring three people. Athletes and their friend were promptly arrested and sent to jail. According the criminal case against trouble-makers will be considered in January.

Whatever it was, in the court of those arrested continue to talk about his innocence.

said today the investigation Kokorin, Jr.

Text: Alexander Fox


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