10 BEAUTY-APP, you can not without


If you want to try a new look, but you are afraid that bright lipstick will not suit you, simply download the free app from the L'Oréal Paris. You will be able to "try on" all beauty-brand products, as well as make-up stylists by L'Oréal Paris. How it works: you wait a few seconds until the application using the front camera will recognize your facial features, and start experimenting. After the make-up is ready, and you will be happy with the way you look, you can add all your favorite tools in your basket and share your photos on social networks.

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Makeup genius of L'Oreal Paris app Photo: itunes.apple.com

Beautician (BEAUTY KEEPER)

A useful application that will help to track  the shelf life of your cosmetics. Choose from the list of beauty-tools, enter batch code in the special line, and the app will tell you itself when to stop using the product. Batch code – a special mark, which the manufacturer gets to the bottom of the vial. It may consist of letters and numbers and must include at least three characters. In addition, the app is convenient because the list of your makeup is always "in sight". And you just do not forget that you need to buy the next time you visit the store. Download in iTunes. Beautician (Beauty Keeper) application

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Sure, you're not just thinking about how to experiment with some unusual color. The salon or home experiments with some unusual color will be not a disaster, if you download Hair Color app, and test any desired shade. Upload your photos and see should you go from jet-black hair to platinum-blond or not. Download in iTunes. Download from Google Play. Hair Color app

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This application is more advanced than the previous one. Here you can try not only a new hair color, but also the most fashionable technique of coloring and hair styling. Once you will create for yourself the perfect image, in the "Formula" will be a detailed description of how to create it by products of the brand. In addition, the application provides information about the professional hair care. Download on iTunes. Download from Google Play. Matrix Color Lounge App

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If you can not bring myself to do sports, this app will help you put an end to a sedentary lifestyle. You need to pump your character, doing simple exercises at home, in the gym and even at school. app creators want to prove that there is always time for sports. Take Action! Download in iTunes. Download from Google Play. Fitocracy – Daily Workout and Fitness Routine Tracker App

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This application offers a list of training for all occasions. Complexes of exercises divided into levels for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Also, you can choose to exercise individual parts of the body. The app contains a video with each exercise, and the time counter and calories, so you knew exactly how much energy burned in the classroom. Download in iTunes. Download from Google Play. Nike Training Club app

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If you closely follow the life of the stars, and they are an example for you to follow, rather download applications Celebrity Beauty Secrets. With it you can access all star secrets – from the daily rituals to beauty-up diets of celebrities. The app includes an interview with the star dieticians, beauticians and fitness trainers, and of course the comments of the stars themselves. Download in iTunes. Celebrity Beauty Secrets app

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Every day we use a lot of cosmetics. Despite the fact that the manufacturer assures us in the security of their products, do not receive information from the commercials for the truth. Think Dirty app will help you figure out what is a part of a product, and tell you which components are harmful to your skin. Scan the barcode on the product packaging and see what grade this applicationput gives to it. Download in iTunes. Think Dirty app

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One of the most handy calorie counter. Simply scan the barcode on the product packaging and point-its weight. The app will show you just how much calories contains the packaging of chocolate cookies. If you want to lose weight, include your height, weight and the goal to which you aspire. The app will calculate the amount of calories you should consume, and the time in which you can achieve the desired result. Download in iTunes. Download from Google Play. Lifesum application

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Very useful application for the summer, which shows the level of ultraviolet radiation anywhere in the world. Ultraviolet advise what protective equipment is better to take to the sea, and consider whether or not to stay in the sun in the place where you going to go! Beautiful and safe tanning. Download in iTunes.