Applications and services that will help you prepare for the wedding WEDDING ORGANIZATION

Applications for planning a wedding on a budget

1 Services for budget wedding planning

Wedding – is, first and foremost, rather big expenses that must be carefully planned and considered. To do this, you can use anything: book barn, Excel document, or a special service.

Examples of services for budget planning:

Many of these services have an application for smart phones that synchronize with the desktop version, so you can bring the cost literally on the move.

2 Social network

If among your guests, most were registered in the social network, why spend money on invitations? Use social networks to prepare for the wedding Create a private group dedicated to your wedding, where you can share the latest news about the preparation, tell friends about the rules of the dress code, make your Wish List with gifts that you would like to receive, and so much more. It will be fun and much cheaper and safer than ordering paper invitations. More in social networks can be together with the guests to make WEDDING PLAYLIST, you will only have to download all the songs on a laptop or USB flash drive. Invited DJ play is not very often that guests enjoy, and when you ask them to put your songs, they may simply not be available. I do not need to explain how important the musical accompaniment of the wedding. After the wedding in the same group, everyone will be able to share photos and videos on your smartphone or camera. Applications for planning a wedding budget

3 Services for development of invitations

If you still want to give all these paper invitation, you can make them yourself using a simple graphical editor or a special service. The beauty of such a manufacturing invitations that at any time you can correct them in time, date or place of the banquet, you do not need to ask to remake everything wedding specialist to whom you entrusted the production of invitations. Using the service for photo editing, you can simply add text to your picture, make a stylish photo invitation. If you choose a service for making invitations, you only need to substitute your details into a finished pattern.

Examples of services:

4 Cloud storage

Planning a wedding – it is also a huge flow of information that needs to be stored somewhere, and constantly changing. Cloud storage can help in the preparation for the wedding Contact wedding singers, guest list, the options seedling cards examples banquet decor and solemn registration place – just do not count. It is desirable to have access to this information from anywhere and from any device, and all participants in the planning – the groom, the bride, friend, should have access to these documents and folders.

This will help the so-called cloud storage: Google Drive


Yandex Disk

Their essence lies in the fact that the information loaded to be stored online, and access to it you can get from any device. You can also grant access to everyone who needs it. To edit text documents make good use of Google Docs. Create a guest list and its rassharte her future husband, who is currently at work. At lunchtime, he can see the list and immediately make adjustments to it. In cloud storage, you can create a folder where all your friends after the wedding to throw photos and video captured on their personal gadgets. Applications for the selection of the wedding dress

5 The application for the selection of the wedding dress

Every bride wants her dress was perfect in all respects, but it is very difficult to find this outfit. Application for Smartphones "Wedding dress. Designer "will choose the model that will be great for you to sit, and then tell you exactly where you can try on a dress. To get started you will need to enter the data: type of shape, height, and winning problem areas. Unfortunately, the app is available in salons only base for several major cities in Russia and Ukraine. However, having considered the recommended models, you can easily find the right in its city.

"Wedding dress. Constructor"

Download for iPhone (free)

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6 An application that will teach photographed

Photogenic very little is given by nature. But there are professionals who know what position to take, to look great in a photo. An application that will teach photographed Nothing prevents and you become such a professional, this will help Posing App application. The essence of it is simple, as all ingenious: it will tell you a great number of poses in which you will look beautiful and romantic wedding on the photo. You just need to work out together in the mirror and you can with a clear conscience to go to the photo shoot.

Posing App Download for iPhone (99 p.)

Download for Android (89 p.)

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