Applications for creating Valentines



How to make a romantic message On the eve of Valentine's Day? In the age of information technology it can be done easier than ever: just a few touches of the touch screen – and a romantic picture is already waiting for its recipient. And the card does not need to be virtual: those who like to store memories in large cardboard boxes can print it as a real postcard, or even put the image on any subject such as mugs or T-shirts. In this case, it all depends on your imagination. We have chosen five of the most convenient free application. 


This application came up with a couple from San Francisco, where, in fact, is their headquarters. The main idea of ​​the service is very simple: first, from the huge gallery you choose the layout you like, then type the text message, and then the artist carries on his hand and a valentine, sealed in an envelope, sent to the addressee. In addition, you can add a few interesting details: for example, put the confetti in the shape of hearts or your favorite photo together (it also prints the developers themselves). 


If you want to send a postcard with your joint photo (or even several), then pay attention to Touchnote application: it can be used independently to design valentines, using templates and pictures from your photo album. However, in contrast to the previous service, text messages are limited to the number of characters, but only the standard fonts used in its creation.


The interface of this application is even simpler than that described above: you can choose a favorite among the huge number of templates and then change any items in it. And in this case, that's nice of joint photos will have to give: the application does not support option of adding pictures from the photo album. But the cards themselves are extremely cute, and they can be sent immediately to lover on Facebook or any other social network.


iPictory For those who love to give gifts bigger than a postcard, suitable iPictory application. It allows real-time to make a magnet for the phone case, mug, t-shirt and even a calendar with your joint pictures. And you can download them both from a personal photo galleries, as well as from social networks (VK, Facebook, Instagram).


 Valentine's Day Between application – an excellent opportunity to join a social network designed only for two. You can not only create a shared photo gallery, and send each other messages in chat, designed just for you. In addition, the application allows you to add events to the calendar and create a joint list for the weekend.