Bill Gates will sell toilets. But not simple!

REUTERS/SCANPIX bill gates will trade toilets. But not simple! Co-Founder of Microsoft, bill gates presented at the exhibition in China high-tech toilet that needs no water and sewage pipes to work. About it reports Reuters.

A waterless toilet works on the principle of separation of solid from liquid wastes — both sewage then is processed into chemical fertilizer.
“Technology that you see here, are the most significant achievements in the field of sanitation in almost 200 years,” gates was quoted by Bloomberg.

Photo: AP/Scanpix

Tech toilet has been created on the funds of the charity Fund, founded by bill gates and his wife Melinda. For seven years in the development of a device that would allow us to convert human waste into fertilizer or into the water Fund spent $200 million in Total, according to gates, was developed about 20 models of this kind of toilets.
According to him, the model, the development of which was a few years finally ready to sell. However, such toilets have become the subject of mass production, the gates Foundation is willing to spend another $200 million.


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