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Style Icon: Herend Porcelain Manufactory

The collections of the factory did not find trendy shapes or paintings. Herend never collaborated with designers on their account a few joint projects with artists, and they fit harmoniously into the overall brand's DNA. At the beginning of the Hungarian company produced porcelain, similar to the best historical specimens, but eventually found his own style and niche.

Herend manufactory is located in the village of the same name has been one hundred and ninety years.  Over the past century, little has changed here.  The working day, for example, has remained from 6 am to 2 pm.

Herend manufactory is located in the village of the same name has been one hundred and ninety years. Over the past century, little has changed here. The working day, for example, has remained from 6 am to 2 pm.


Imitation of ancient works of manufactories in Meissen, Sèvres and Vienna contributed to the growth and development of Herend: aristocratic Hungarian family started to order the factory copy of the lost of family crockery. Recognition of excellence replicas of execution can be considered the fact that the Italian court asked to fill in the missing items Herend ancient Chinese service. 

Современная фотография внутреннего двора мануфактуры.

Contemporary Photography courtyard manufactory

A British Koroleva Viktoriya became famous brand at the World Exhibition in London in 1851. She gained her vending service with butterflies and flowers (dishes with this pattern, named in her honor, is issued up to now), what provoked interest in Herend.

Историческая фотография внутреннего двора мануфактуры.

Historical Photo courtyard manufactory

All exhibition samples were sold, and the factory orders fell. Another well-known historical figure, assist the success of the Hungarian company - Frants Iosif. In 1862, he awards the Order of the Imperial factory, and in 1864 it transfers the rights to manufacture the patented article Close Vienna manufactory.


However, the success and fame came to the company immediately. The first porcelain workshop in the village of Herend appeared in the 1820s. It was opened by the master Shtingl Vincze, who experimented with porcelain mass and tried to adjust production. This required large capital investments, which he did not have, so the second character appears in the stories - a businessman Mor Fischer, who bought the small factory and unwound it.Officially Herend manufactory base year is the 1839 th.

Шоу-рум Herend при фабрике.

Showroom Herend at the factory

It is worth noting that since the factory, little has changed: only the electric furnace were firing and automatic line for mixing. Everything else is still done manually. Over one hundred and ninety years produced a lot of porcelain, and each of them can do in Herend again. 

В 1901 году на Международной выставке керамики в Санкт-Петербурге компания Herend получила золотую медаль.

In 1901 at the International Exhibition of Ceramics in St. Petersburg Herend company received a gold medal.

samples of all items stored in the archives of the factory. By the way, workers often use themselves by their own reserves, "reviving" old paintings. For example, in 2017, the pattern is recognized Vieux. Translated from the French name means "old" - and it is really more than a hundred and fifty years.

У каждого художника Herend есть номер, который проставляется на изделии. Мастера, художники высшей квалификации, вместо номера ставят подпись.

Every artist Herend has a number that is stamped on the product. Wizard of highly qualified artists, instead of a number to sign.

Все художники разводят себе краски сами из порошков.

All artists paint themselves bred himself from powders.

Фигурки пеликанов перед обжигом.

Figures pelicans before firing.



Узор Email Victoria — одна из вариаций узора “Виктория”. Новая цветовая гамма появилась в 2011 году.

Pattern Email Victoria - one of the variations of the pattern "Victoria". New colors appeared in 2011.



Тарелка из сервиза “Виктория”, выпущенного впервые в 1851 году. Чайник с декором Fleuraison Magenta.

Pattern Email Victoria - one of the variations of the pattern "Victoria". New colors appeared in 2011.



Фигурки в ассортименте компании появились только в 1920-х годах, чтобы угодить вкусам мелкой буржуазии. На фото —
<br />фрагмент чайного блюдца с узором Tulipe и лягушка с росписью Vieux.
Figures in the range of companies have emerged only in the 1920s to cater to the tastes of the petty bourgeoisie. In the picture - 
a fragment of a tea saucer with Tulipe pattern and painted frog from Vieux.


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