Diet gadget: 15 applications for weight loss

We are preparing to attack the beach season, and is updated on the iPhone and iPad applications section for fitness and a healthy diet, which will help not only to quickly reach the desired result, but also to acquire useful habits.


By the application of the "Health", which is established on the iPhone with iOS 8, it is possible to collect and store data on physical activity and diet results in one place. During the day, the app collects information about the number of calories, sugar content and cholesterol, physical activity, and other parameters, and then store them. In the settings you can choose exactly which data will be stored in the "Health" section.


Lifesum allows you to control the power and daily physical activity, and the correct selection of products to get rid of bad habits – a good option for those who want to lose weight by controlling your daily diet. Lifesum importituet in application "Health" data about the state of the body, gathered for a day with the help of iPhone.

DIET 6 petals, 119 rub. (IPHONE, IPAD)

To achieve results in six days with the help of a healthy diet offers app "Diet" 6 petals "." The power supply system developed by Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson, is based on the alternation in strict order mono-diet: fish, vegetables, chicken, cereals, cheese and fruit. Six days of the diet are six monodiets rates. The app allows you to schedule the results, it has a detailed description of the diet and simple recipes for every day.


Appendix Fat Alien created not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for those who want to gain weight. application friendly character – alien – calculate an individual rate of calories and then dictates how successful it turns out to adhere to this rule. The hero tells about calorie foods and dishes – in base 2200 titles, among which there are protein supplements well-known brands of sports nutrition.


Appendix Sounter Calorie and Food Diart by MyNetDiary will consistently keep a diary of weight loss and will summarize the findings with other indicators of activity thanks to the integration with the application "Health".


The main purpose of the application Diet Point · Weight Loss – remind you to a meal at the optimum time for this. Mode is determined by diet, which is proposed to select from an extensive database. The app can predict in advance, as the weight change due to a particular diet.


MyFitnessPal – simple and easy calorie counter for iPhone and iPad with one of the most extensive database of product data. In the catalog there are more than four million items. Easy-to-use application is suitable for tracking the results of the diet.


Simple and user-friendly visual FatSecret Calorie Counter supports the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. "Health" Summary of nutrition, you can send in an application.

"My coach slimming" FREE (IPHONE, IPAD)

The program "My coach slimming" is designed to help in the psychological struggle with being overweight. Animated characters are motivated to work on themselves, to overcome laziness and not seduced by the sweet.


Nutrino technology will allow to form a diet and meal plan for each day, based on the collected data daily activities. The app syncs with other data, "Health" of the application.


Calorific helps avoid overeating. there are 144 pictures of products in application-based, energy value is equal to 200 kcal. After studying the photos, you can pick up useful and nutritious substitute harmful food and make the right diet, based on the optimum number of calories consumed daily.


In Foodzy easily keep a food diary. Appendix independently calculate the approximate amount of calories and synchronizes the data with the application "Health" in iOS 8.

"Food diary Natalia Soboleva," 169 rub. (IPHONE)

Before releasing an application, Natalia Soboleva experienced it for yourself, and assures that the system will make friends with healthy habits. The app contains exercise to maintain a slim figure and useful recipes and easy to prepare dishes for every day.


GO app stores photos breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to the developers, the tape view promotes the development of healthy habits and helps to follow a diet. Keeping in the history of all food eaten, you can avoid the temptation to eat something extra, the developers claim.


Mango – a handy tool to record calories and physical activity. It allows you to calculate the recommended number of calories per day and keeping a diary of fitness and nutrition