Do you use Snapchat? Amnesty needs to have a word with you

Just how safe is social media like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger? Amnesty International has sought to answer this… and the results are surprising to say the least

Amnesty International does not think Snapchat is protecting your privacy, according to a new study. So if you're a fan of sending private (or naughty) messages to your mates (or lovers) via the app, you've been warned. Amnesty just released its For Your Eyes Only? report, which examines 11 major tech companies in terms of online privacy… and sorry to say, guys, but your favourite dog face app got the thumbs down.

Do you use Snapchat? Amnesty needs to have a word with you We wonder if Kylie got the memo? Scoring a measly 26 out of 100 in terms of message encryption (ie how safe the info you share in PMs really is), Snapchat ranked well below Facebook (which topped the list at 73), Apple, Google, Viber and Microsoft (which includes Skype). In fact, the only company it beat was BlackBerry and Tencent. Ouch.

According to Amnesty International, online privacy is a serious human rights issue (just ask Kim K). The study says it ranked the 11 companies "on whether they are meeting their human rights responsibilities by using encryption to protect users' right to privacy online." Considering these are companies that we use daily, sometimes hourly – it's a sobering thought when you realise just how many tech organisations don't use proper end-to-end encryption methods. It's even scarier when you consider that sexting isn't the only potential issue here – how many times have you shared personal information like bank details, your home address and other things you really wouldn't want public?

Just a little something to think about next time you're using Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat. Perhaps its best to stick to dog faces only…