Five days – Five-dating gay applications: how I was looking for a date

Unsociable correspondent tried to find a buddy and sexual partners using gay apps.

The creators of dating services promise that their applications will simplify your life – especially if you are having difficulty with socialization. However, this is not always the case: a few months ago, we investigated the controversial application Bang with Friends, and it turned out that it just does not work. This time the editorial went further: our correspondent tried to find a buddy and sexual partners using gay apps.   

Monday: Tinder

Tinder – one of the most popular romantic applications in the US, the service attracted 20 million users in six months, and every day half a million singles find they partner.

Tinder looks not so much like the application for dating, but like a fun game. You connect account to Facebook, you specify the gender and age of a new acquaintance, and the service shows the card with the right people around you. It's anonymous: like in Bang with Friends, only mutual sympathy is revealed. What may be even easier to explore? However, when in the evening after work, I go on a busy street, trying to find someone, it does not work: no one uses this application in Russia. I go to one of the hundreds of local bars, drink a few pints of cider and send silly messages to friends. Beautiful boy at the window clearly looks at me, but I am still uncomfortable to approach him. Damn, why he does not use these technology? Failure.              

Tuesday: Highlight

One of the most famous applications, Highlight analyzes your social graph on Facebook and recommends new friends based on your "social proximity" – common interests and friends.        

App is looking for those who hypothetically could be your friend on Facebook, but for some reason was not. If you have a lot of diverse links in social networks, it will be all right, and in an hour you will find a couple of people with whom you can drink. And if you are unsociable (I), Highlight may be your worst nightmare, every couple of hours it will offer you completely unknown and equally strange young persons. Failure.          


Wednesday: Grindr

If you belong to the LGBT-community, or just want to experiment, then Grindr – your main choice. However, the app works and looks awful.        

Service for singles gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Grindr – this is the normal application for singles with built-in geolocation, moderated photos (no nudity), advertising and a very bad design: after verified and minimalist Tinder and Highlight it looks like pure mockery and discrimination against users. Grindr shows pictures of hundreds of people around, and you can write to everyone. I do not write to anyone, but half an hour after the publication of the photo I receive a dozen messages. Someone is lonely and wants to talk. someone is sending emoticons, and one user asks if I fake "You look too young and sweet". I confess that I generally prefer women, but do not mind a chat. We are talk ing about politics, and then the application crashes. Almost success.   

Thursday: Badoo

International Dating geolocation service, headquartered in London, created by Andrey Andreev. By the end of last year 175 million users used Badoo. If you want to meet someone, then Badoo – the default choice: there are many members, who are ready to pay for their own promotion. I check in and write my stupid interests. Service offers a card with a new acquaintances. Meet? Checkmark – yes, the cross – no. I reject the ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred boys, and I catch myself thinking that whether someone is too clearly underestimates his own age, or my circle of friends and acquaintances consists of the most beautiful people in the world, and I'm snickering. During the night I have dozens of proposals to meet, and the same message: "Hello, why are you alone?». Badoo – meat-packing plant: everyone knows what they want really. Success.   


Friday: OKCupid

Too obvious: OKCupid is not the most popular, but the most effective way to find a companion or lover.

Before the application will determine the pair for you, you will have to answer 25 questions, and then again and again, if you are not satisfied with the result accuracy. App is not only seeking persons the most similar to you, but those with whom you will not fight – looks funny and amazing. I tell the service the whole story: I am a leftist, an atheist, I think it is necessary to allow homosexual couples to raise children. But get photos of eight boys – they are surprisingly reminiscent of my ex ones. I write them, and half agrees to meet. When I admit that all this is journalistic investigation and experiment, but suddenly they agree to meet. Absolute success, although I  will certainly do not go out on dates.

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