Google Trips: new application for travel planning

Google has launched a new program that enables to plan a vacation from start to finish. Google Trips independently examine every aspect of the trip and displays useful suggestions. Enter details about the trip in the program is not necessary. It will automatically scan Gmail messages for the presence of e-tickets, to hotel reservation and save them for offline access.

In addition, Google Trips provides a guide to more than 200 cities around the world, as well as personal recommendations based on the Google web search history. The program works without an internet connection: all the necessary information, including maps and hiking trails, can be pre-loaded into the device memory. See also: On the Road! Review of the best applications for travel

Google Trips contains several sections to help you navigate the site: Reservations ( "Reservation"), Things to do ( "What to do"), Saved places ( "Saved Places"), Food & drink ( "Food and beverages"), Getting around ( "How to get"), and Need to know ( "It is important to know"). Section Things to do, for example, displays a list of the most visited attractions, Getting around – will provide a schedule of public transport, and Need to know – will give information on the local currency, emergency numbers, etc.  

If you have a Google Trips Internet connection will pump up the update in real-time mode. If cellular communication is available, the program will clarify which institutions are closed, as well as advise the activity on the basis of the weather forecast (for example, if there is rain, the user will be prompted to go to the museum).

The new app is already available for download from the App Store and Google Play. In the Russian language its interface has not yet been translated.