Google’s newest mobile app scans photos like never before

The easiest way to digitise your vintage prints

You know that glint of light reflected on a printed photo that you can’t shake off, no matter which angle you’re trying to take a picture from with your phone? Giving flatbed scanners a run for their money is Google’s PhotoScan mobile app — a savvy solution for glare-free print-scanning that requires less time and effort.

Using the app only takes you through several painless steps: Simply align the photo you want to scan within the frame, tap the button, capture the four dots and your photo is good to go. Behind the foolproof procedure, PhotoScan detects edges, crops the frame, straightens the image, and removes glare, pixel by pixel. If you like what you see, go ahead and save it in an album with an option to face-tag, input location or incorporate your favourite filter. It's time to unearth and dust off those Insta-worthy old prints. Source: