How to turn your smartphone into gayfon

Recently, gay mobile application developers Blued were able to get $ 30 million for the financing of the project. Such success could not be achieved by any other creators of the program of gay dating. Now the service has attracted about 15 million users, mostly from China. Developers want to reach the world level. However, and without Blued homosexuals can not complain about the lack of mobile applications.

The most popular gay application

Grindr is considered one of the most popular thematic services for users of iOS, Blackberry and Android. With the application, you can look for the guys with the same interests, which are in close geographical proximity, share photos and chat. One of the advantages of the application – a short questionnaire to fill out, so you do not need to spend a lot of time. a little more detail you can tell in the graph, if desired "Statement". In addition, users can indicate in the application parameters – height, weight, age. Suitable guys lining up on the degree of remoteness from the object. Daily Grindr network attracts approximately 3,000 new users, developers say. There are upgrade to the premium version of Grindr Xtra.

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Scruff, Gay radar, Maleforce, Matchup, Hunters BBS LLC  

Hornet is considered a "social network for gay people."

In addition to standard parameters, the application can specify their HIV status, and testing date. Service reminds when it's time to once again be tested. "In order to strengthen the Hornet position in spreading knowledge about HIV, we have updated the" HIV status "and introduced two options:" Positive hidden "and" negative, the OST. ", – The developers say The" Explore "allows you to choose country and city where you are going to go to rest. has about 1 million members. There is a section "notes", where you can post information about other users. Sign up for the service can be 18 years old. Minuses: users report problems with location determination. Also, many people confuse the presence in the service of advertising.

Bender application sets itself apart from other services by the presence of an internal translator, that allows you to chat with users from any country without the knowledge of a foreign language. You can manually change your location, send video messages, unlimited add users to the "Favorites". In addition, there is the option to delete your account, and after a while to restore it, without losing the previously created profile. Bender lets you view and send video and voice messages. The service provides users  with advanced search filters, as well as surveillance system for viewing the profile. This message can be obtained even in the case of an inactive state of the application. In the online stores in the application rating is quite low compared to the Grindr and Hornet.

Less well-known Application developers Hunters BBS LLC

enumerate the advantages of its service: easy navigation on profiles, automatic registration, the ability to upload up to 8 pictures in profile, built-in bulletin board BBS and gay chat, convenient search hot guys around, smart filter (brutal, cute, pitching and the Bears). In addition, the application, the authors state that the implementation of their service "is steeper than Grindr and Hornet". However, the user does not agree with this statement, which confirms a large number of negative reviews and low ratings.

Scruff application uses GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities to find potential gay partners, service developers say. According to them, users are sent a weekly basis for more than 50 million messages. One of the advantages include the ability to view the profiles of all users, not just those that are in close geographical proximity. Provided search for matches by using the tool "There is a desire to meet?". Chance of flirting with other users using Woofing function. Like the user can be added to the "favorites".

Provided subscription SCRUFF Pro. This feature allows you to use the "Invisible" mode, have access to the entire history of messages and dialogs, undo send messages and more. Of the minuses application users note the presence of a large number of advertising, which you can turn off only for the money.

Maleforce developers have provided the presence of video and voice chat. You do not need to specify a large number of information When registering a new account. Suffice it to record a video, which briefly tell about yourself, describe the reasons for registration and who you are looking for. App provides a connection via VoIP for live voice chat also allows you to call a dedicated number is free and anonymous.

Gay radar application has rather low rating. On the plus side, we note the ability to select the appropriate status – "Gay dating", "Dating boy + boy" or "Dating girl + girl". Cons – the inability to move the map.

"Matchup Gaystagram equipped with a powerful stream of photos, which connects you with the right guys," – say the developers.

The application has not yet earned popularity among homosexuals is probably why there are no negative reviews.