M.A.C have launched an app that makes doing your make-up easier

From killer contouring to 'no make-up' make-up, M.A.C Technique is your new, in-pocket MUA

Hands up who's stood in front of the bathroom mirror for what feels like hours, trying to rescue a failed winged eye. Or attempted the bold brow Cara D does so well, only to resemble your Year 8 self, before you bullied your brows into that oh-so-unfortunate tadpole style.

It's times like these that require professional help – and M.A.C's new app is ready to deliver. Australia is the first market in the world to test the technology, which links to real-life classes so you can learn make-up artist tips and tricks first hand. M.A.C have launched an app that makes doing your make-up easier

So how does it work? The app lets you search and book make-up classes happening in M.A.C stores near you, all taught by make-up artists and based on techniques and trends. Once booked, the app will open a face chart for the particular look, and during the class, you can add photos, notes and product details – turning the app into your own personalised dossier of beauty know-how. Classes are $120 each but fully redeemable on product, and typically run once a month. Download the app here for iPhones and here for Android.

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