MeiTu app, making pretty pictures of people, has become a hit



With the help of the Chinese application MeiTu, you can turn yourself into a celebrity or any dearest anime character

Chinese application Meitu released back in 2008, but it has become popular only recently. The program is a photo editor, which with the help of several filters quickly makes people more selfie nice and similar to anime characters.

Users of the application using it not only for the "emotion" of their own photos, but also experimented with portraits of stars. So, we processed photos of Donald Trump, Obama and Angelina Jolie in the program, 

Angelina Jolie

Barack Obama

Donald Trump


The specialists in information security believe that Meitu can be dangerous. The publication CNet found that the application collects too much unnecessary data, and regards this as a smart phone owners on the basis of iOS, and the Android platform. For example, owners of Apple service checks whether the hacked operating system, and recognizes the hardware identifier and the mobile operator. In addition, Meitu is requesting permission to make calls. It is also reported that the service has a "suspicious code." However, the representative of the developers of the program explained that these data are necessary to optimize the operation and advertising issues.